Life at The End of The Year

on Senin, 02 Desember 2013
Hello, blogspot :)

Such a long long time since my last post here, as usual! It doesn't mean I write nothing during this time. I write, papers :p. Now is December 1st, what kind of life I live now?

Study at Pharmacist Degree is my main activities from September. My lectures will end this week, followed by comprehensive discussion for 2 weeks. I could say that this semester maybe is the hardest part during my study at Faculty of Pharmacy :p. Coming from Science and Industrial Pharmacy, in this degree I have to face and learn many clinical and community things. Many things I don't know. Many things I can't remember. But yes, I'll try, to be a stunning pharmacist! ^^9

I'm feeling distracted.

I pursue my dream, going study abroad. And the door is a 'lil bit open right now. Though my dream was to go to Europe, now the door open is to the country of sakura :). Since my trip there last 2 months, chances are coming. There's still 'but' for the chance. The professor was the most brilliant and strict one in the university. Such a big challenge :') I'm currently preparing for a valuable research plan, in order to attract him ;p. I'm very lucky that I have my professor and friends here really support me, to discuss everything.

Thus, one side of me is studying clinical things, and another side is studying such a bioscience scientific research. Distracted. But I'm really sure if I can relate both of them, I'll get valuable paradigm to be a researcher and lecturer tomorrow! :)

welcome the end of the year, let me close this year with big smile :))
So, in what kind of life you live now?

I'm on the way, hopefully..Aamiin :)

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