Re-defining Success

on Rabu, 05 Februari 2014
One thing I love when I have to make an essay is, I have to make a contemplation. I ask myself, what's the point of view I'll choose. Yet, I have to write an essay themed "success". Actually I have to write this essay since last December. In fact, I finished it yesterday. Two months just to make an essay of 500 words. Well.. I'm not in my best effort but I try my best :p Wish me luck, friends!

In that essay, I re-defined success according to me at this time :p. So guys, what do you think about success?

When I was in elementary school, success for me is when I got the 1st rank in the class, also when I entered the favourite school in Jogja. It happened until I was in senior high school. Success is when I entered faculty of pharmacy, UGM ^^v All is about the achievements. I success when I achieve something. 

Four years in undergraduate study, I thought I've seen people with many achievements. Are they success? Absolutely! But then, I realize that success is not only about achievements. Now I'm trying to believe that success is a lifestyle. Success is a whole story, not the end of the story. Learn something from the journey, not only focusing at the end. In fact, at the end we'll see that we've got many things to share.

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khansa mufidah mengatakan...

i like your opinion about success sister..

Yonika Arum Larasati mengatakan...

thank you very much dear :)

kakoponi mengatakan...

aku ingin sukses menjadi diri sendiri yg lebih baik :]

Yonika Arum Larasati mengatakan...

aamiin dear :")

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