Joke or Prayer

on Jumat, 18 Maret 2011
Someone said that I was a selfmotivated person. I thought that it had a bad interpretation. But I haven't known what is it exactly means, until accidentIy I found what it means tonight.

Being selfmotivated means driven focused, ready for objective discussion, also being sharp and smart enough not to be manipulated and be open to positive learning.

To be selfmotivated means that there is no outside force or person pushing you to become what you want. The whole concept of succeeding lies within yourself and that means that you will need to make the effort yourself to be who you want to be.

I didn't know if he knew exactly what is the meaning of being selfmotivated. I didn't know if he just said a joke for me. But I hope it was a prayer for me, for being a good selfmotivated person, amin :)

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