on Kamis, 19 April 2012
I know maybe I'm not the nearest grandchild beside you
I know I couldn't talk much to you
I know I wasn't share you much 'bout my life, listened much 'bout your life
I know I didn't see you enough

All I know is you always ask
'What food do you want to eat child?'
'Have you eaten?'
'Do you happy here?'
'Do you doing well in your school?'
When I was in your house, with a peace there
You were a great chef, right? You always made sure your grandchild eat well and much :)

Not really many words between us, but all I know you were a great great mother. Raised 9 children, without grandpa beside you. Have all of your child graduated. It was a very great achievement in your hard time. I'm really looking for time, listening to your stories, making it my spirits. But, you have gone. You have given all your strength. I know you were very strong through several years. So may I and all of family wishing for your peacefulness, aamiin..

Allah menciptakan (manusia) dari permulaan, kemudian mengembalikan (menghidupkan)nya kembali; kemudian kepadaNyalah kamu dikembalikan (QS Ar Ruum (30) ayat 11).

Kamu akan mendekatinya lewat doa, yonika..

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tehrempah mengatakan...

Deep condolences for your grandma.

Yonika Arum Larasati mengatakan...

thx a lot :)

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