Leaf - Leave

on Minggu, 15 April 2012
Have you ever noticed leaf?

Seeing leaves in the branch. Leaf by leaf, leaves is a tree's life. Leaf is a tree source to survive. Leaf is a tree's heart. Leaf is a world saviour.

Then it is flying away, leaving the branch it was hanging on before. Seeing the branch is up there, far and far it leave its home. The branch do nothing. It juts like a fate. Someday the leaf have to fall. Have to find better place down there, and maybe give the soil nutrition, to manuring another tree?

I am a leaf. You are a leaf. Someday we have to leave our branch. Someday we have to manuring the same tree, or another tree :)

Remembering one of the most popular quote from TereLiye is "the fallen leaf never hate wind". Though wind make leaf separate from branch. Though wind make it die. Leaf never hate wind.

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shofyrp mengatakan...

Asik banget dah interpretasinya mba :)

Yonika Arum Larasati mengatakan...

:) :)

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