Day 1 – A picture of yourself with ten facts about you

on Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

ten facts about me? let me think..
haha, no no i don't want to make an 'image' (or 'pencitraan'), ngikgok -..-, let me be honest! :D

1. My name is Yonika Arum Larasati
Arum means smell good (my dad tell me so, and i don't know i can believe it or not -___-)
Larasati means 'lurus hatinya' (-..-)
and Yonika? Yonika is an acronym, stands for city, month, and island (well you can guess it!)
My grandpa gave this name to me, and i love it, it sounds unusual :)

2. totally lazy girl -..-
bad habit, lazy and often postpone some works. I try to manage my works and my time better, no postponement!

3. was a shy, quiet, and introvert girl
hahaha, maybe if people know me now, sometime they don't believe i used to be a shy, quiet, and *very* introvert person :D. So i'm just trying to be a better person, share my smiles, share may dreams, share my passion, share my craziness with my bff :*

4. love to sleep
badmood can be a better mood when you wake up, try this! *or is it just for me? haha*

5. really love to listening to music and singing
another neutralizer for a badmood, listening to my fav song, and humming. I love to sing too, but only for my self, i don't want to be a singer *i know i can't XD*. And when I get a badmood, just turn on the mp3 and humming~

6. want to be fatter than now :(
almost all of the girl want to be slimmer, but NOT ME! When i was a child, i was a fat cute kid :3 *haha*, and now i'm a tiny girl, i just want to be fatter a little, just a little. I do eat much, I do sleep much, people say those 2 things can make you fat, but they don't work for me -..-

7. hate CAT!
i don't really like animal who has fur *it means almost all of the animal, right?*. But i don't know, i really really feel uncomfortable when i stand or sit near a cat *tingling*

8. want to go to GERMANY
i love germany *football team*. Haha, yeah they were the first thing i see from germany. But now i don't know, maybe i can go there for study or for a trip? amiiin \(^.^)/

9. want to try many things new for me
in the past, i think i was an ignorant person. I don't want to take much risk, and i love to live consecutively. But now i realize, world just not about studying, organization, blablabla. Maybe i can taste a piece from every part, and i choose which one is the sweetest for me? But i don't want to be a person who can't keep commitment in one work! Well, just try to have fun with everything we do ^^9

10. Try to have fun with everything I do :)
this sentence maybe is a familiar sentence. But when i talk to my bestfriend 'i'm tired, i think i can't keep my commitment in this part' and then he just said 'have fun with everything you do'. Just it. No suggestion and no more sentences that maybe some people say when i be a griper.
Yes, now i'm trying to have fun with everything i do, and it works, thanks a lot :)

well, i don't know if 10 facts about me is too little -..-
okay, so what kind of people are you? :)

Day 2, i'm comiiiiiiing!

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smell good

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huahaha aneh banget, bingung mau bilangnya gimana XD

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