on Jumat, 16 Maret 2012
If you are tired to smile, take a look at the girl's smile in front of the cover
and you will realize, how people love your smile
how they wait your smile
take a deep breath, take a rest
and wake up,
with your smile face

If you feel everything is not easier, everything getting harder
take a look back
what was our mind about, when we were new in college
everything seems so big, everything seems so far
everything seems harder then when we were in high school
but then, we went through it
we are in this point, now
what will stop our steps, then? 

so in this point, tomorrow, in the future
maybe all we have to do is to look back
see a few step back, take a breath for a moment, move some steps
we are not a teenager, not yet a woman, right dear? ;)
haha :)
All I wanna is you to remind me this, when I am tired, when I start to grumbling, when I make ugly face :p

So, ganbatte ^^9

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net not mengatakan...

hahaha :D
love youuuu :)
hmmmm,tulisannya bkin aku : "oke! yok ah gaboleh gabalu :D,hahhaha :D"
mkasiih sayg :)
i'm lucky to have you as my sister :)

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