Two Cup of Tea

on Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

An advertisement said : "talk with a cup of tea and you will find solution"

I do really love tea. Milk tea, green tea, black tea, ice tea, hot tea, lemon tea. You know, I'm a 'lil bit reduced consuming tea when I knew that tea can inhibit the absorption of nutrition in your GI tract. But still, tea is the best partner with every food. And now I and my friends talks 'bout green tea as anti asthma :)

Tea and every benefit of it. So will you accompany me, enjoying two cup of tea, seeing the green area out there, branch?

Cause you don’t even have to try
You’re already my number one
I don’t need the mellow tunes
And all the lines you’ve wasted over me

- Adithia Sofyan, Number One

Dreaming of listening this  song wth a cup of tea with you.

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tehrempah mengatakan...

So you must be like me then. I am spice tea :))

Yonika Arum Larasati mengatakan...

haha, never getting bored of tea :)

tehrempah mengatakan...

damn rite, "bored" isn't exist in my vocabulary.

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