Open the box.

on Jumat, 29 April 2011
Life is like a box of chocolate.

Everyday we open it, take one chocolate, taste it, and make a conclusion about the taste we feel, we like it or not. Sweet, bitter, or flat maybe? Well, it depends on the person who taste it, cause every person has different taste.

But still, chocolates has  thousand reasons for us to take them another day. They are addictive. Sometime we pretend to get the sweet one, but then we get the bitter one. Ouch, it's disappointing. Still, we have many chances to get the sweet one, we just have to open the box, and take other chocolate. Finally, we'll get the sweet one.

I never know which one is the sweetest if I never taste the bitter one.
So I'll open my box, not only to take the chocolates, but also to put chocolates from other :)
cheers! \(^.^)/

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