Makhluk itu bernama "Uli", "Ulil"? :)

on Senin, 29 Agustus 2011
Saya barusan mindah-mindahin foto yang ada di hape ke laptop. Foto-foto jebot dari tahun 2009, gag pernah dibuka lagi, sampai malam ini saya buka karena kangen liat muka-muka sepupu :) *mellow gag mudik, haha*. Dan saya menemukan foto makhluk ini

looks how cute she is? :)
i met her when i was at maguwoharjo after merapi's eruption. when i asked her name, she just smile and said something unclear "uli, ulil, ulul". I didn't know XD
okay, i concluded her name was ulil :p

Ulil was a very cute kid, but don't make her cry! a big no no!
my friend made her cry, and she must walked around maguwoharjo stadion to found ulil's father, just to made ulil be silent, what a dangerous kid :p

She liked to laugh, even just by a little surprise. She loved balloon. She always looked for her father even when she played with us.

I just played with her about 3 days, after that she moved to another place. Well, i miss her, haha :)

Be a good kid, girl. And always smile please :))

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