A Whole New World!

on Selasa, 01 Februari 2011
I had a doll named 'boncel'. I didn't know why I named him like that *yeah, he not she :p, I and my sister always consider him as a boy*. When my mother gave that doll, I felt so happy "yeah I have a new doll, what must I do with him?" I named him as 'boncel' *I remember, I think it's because he has a small rounded nose, and my mother said : Hidungnya boncel ya? yeah actually I didn't know what boncel means mom :p*. Because he had long legs, very long legs, almost 30cm *I didn't measure LOL*, but we could fold his legs, and I liked to fold his legs around my neck *what a terrific little girl -____-*. And when I was bored to fold his legs, my eyes looked at my water color. I took the green color, mixed it with water, took the brush, and tadaaaaaaaa : his hair changed from blonde *it was cute :)* to blonde with the green highlight. What a great creation from me! I was very proud, haha *okay, I was really an annoying little girl, maybe until now :p*

And several days later my mom brought me a new barbie, just a cheap barbie *not expensive barbie priced blablabla hundred thousand rupiah*. And yeah, I was happy again, I've got a new toy! I started with the same pattern, named her, explored what she can do, then highlighted her hair again *I was obsessed with water colour although I can't draw*. Sometimes I did something different, I tried to make her a dress :D, just sewed rag fabrics, I didn't care whether it looks good or not, I just made it.

And some toys came after that, I always do the pattern, yeah sometimes with modification according to the toy I got. I felt like I had a new world, I was happy, I stuck on that thing, and step by step I leave my old toys. I put my old toys in the box, I didn't touch them for several times, until I opened up the box, and then I realized : 'wow, I have this toy, how can I forget about it? Oh this one still good, I want to keep it, and this one is too old and I will throw it away' *I don't know what is requirement to enter the good condition or the bad condition, just follow my mood :p*

I'm 19 now *thank you for reminding yourself yon, you're almost 20* and I think now it's not about my dolls or my toys, but about my world. Although I think I'm a person who like to stay at my 'comfortable zone' *I know it is not really good*, but sometimes I found a new world, that give me challenge, give me something to explore about, to learn about others, to play with it. The new world can give me challenge how to break a way. The new world give me challenge to keep the situation. The new world give me many things that I can explore, and I can play with it. Just like a little girl with her doll. And step by step I leave my old world.

New world, not always as good as it seems first. Sometimes it gives me challenge I can't handle. It makes me feel worse than my old world, although I have do the adaptation. Just like I was bored with my doll, I threw it away to the box, kept it there until I got the interest again, or I throw it away, out of my box, to the rubbish bin, or gave it to my sister.

I think my worlds will repeated as a cycle, I find new, I like it, I explore it, I leave the old world *okay, I think I must  reduce this part*, I'm bored, I feel worse, and I'll find the new one again. Just like that. And there are many ways to reach the world I belong to. I know for some parts of my life, I can't do that cycle. And when I can't do it, it means I've reach my world :)

p.s. : I know my grammar is really really bad :p
p.s. : I miss my 'boncel' :(((

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